Pizza Mermaid & Friends

January 17th 7pm doors 7:30pm Show

Pizza Mermaid (a mermaid with pizza for a tail who looks eerily similar to Maggie McMuffin) has made her way to the surface and is hosting a party for only her best friends (you are here best friends) this evening includes:

Sugarplum Gary (a fun nightmare resembling Emmett Montgomery)

Scotch Ganach and Very Mary Leigh

Cassandra Moselle and her masks

Cooking with Richie Thai

and other things!

Not Pants

curated by Bret Fetzer and Troy Mink
Nov 7-20, 2009 | Fri-Sat 11pm

Come hear stories of sexual misadventure, accidental arson, bad dates, sheep-tossing (which is not a euphemism), scars gained, condoms lost, unfortunately named drinks, and much, much more. NOT PANTS is a compendium of true tales from the lips of great local performers, including David Schmader, Jennifer Jasper, José Amador, Emmett Montgomery, Keira McDonald, Gillian Jorgensen, Michele Colyn, and many many more! Curated by Bret Fetzer and Troy Mink.

Due to a potential intellectual property dispute, Annex Theatre has canceled its impending production of Hot Pants, a fusion of storytelling and game show. But rather than let all the juicy stories we’d been promised go to waste, we’ve invited all the performers to take the Annex stage and reveal the comic, preposterous, and sometimes embarrassing true things that have happened to them.

If you want to learn more, go to:

And as an added bonus, Not Pants will still feature the HOT PANTS DANCERS!
Choreography by Jen Moon and Meg Tully.

Not Pants graphic by Ryan Schmidt.