Jettison to Europa (Reading)

Jettison to Europa
A Play in Development

Written by Andy Park-Buffelen
Directed by Francesca Betancourt

November 10, 2023
7:00 p.m.

From the Playwright:

JtE is a play I first drafted 10 years ago during a 30 plays in 30 days challenge. Being heavy into sci-fi novels at the time, this was a great exercise in derivative, genre-based playwriting. However, the story has stuck with me, and after some recent life events, I felt I had finally found the heart of the play and revisited the script to hone and refine. After some positive feedback, I pitched the play at TPS’s playwright generals and Sam Ro (Artistic Director) gave the me the chance to workshop it.

Annex has been a home for me to take creative risks, learn, and grow, and this process is no different! JtE was a 10 minute play idea, which turned into a short play, and is now potentially a full-length. I look forward to collaborating with Annex’s staff, our creative team, and the Seattle’s arts patrons community to see if we can level-up this script. This is the perfect show for anyone interested in deepening Seattle’s new play scene, participating in script development in its early and rawest iteration, and helping a local writer learn more about their script. It’s a big mess and it takes a village to clean it up!