Seattle Fringe Festival 2016

Seattle Fringe Festival presents two weekends of independent, and all locally sourced live performance. Low ticket prices and producing fees keep innovative art accessible to everyone.

The shows are predominantly chosen by lottery and 100% of ticket revenue is returned to the artists. Performances will be held in Capitol Hill’s Annex Theatre, Eclectic Theater as well as in lower Queen Anne in Seattle Center Armory’s Black Box, Studio and Center Theatre venues.


Sasha Bailey Presents The Worry Machine
2/25 7:30pm, 2/27 5:30pm, 2/28 7pm, 3/5 4pm

DANGERSWITCH! Presents Mad Scientist Cabaret
2/25 9pm, 2/27 9pm, 2/28 2pm, 3/3 7:30pm

Philip Schalberger Presents Full Showberger
2/26 9pm, 2/27 4pm, 3/4 7:30pm, 3/5 9pm

A Little Burlesque Presents DUMP
2/27 7:30pm, 2/28 5:30pm, 3/3 at 9pm, 3/5 at 7:30pm

Love Snack Presents Illuminati: the Musical
2/26 7:30pm, 2/28 3:30pm, 3/4 9pm, 3/5 5:30pm