The Neverborn

By Kelleen Conway Blanchard, directed by Catherine Blake Smith

After murdering the Matron at the Starling Home for Feeble Minded children, two orphaned sisters set out to find their–probably not dead–mother while being pursued by a tormented detective and a vengeful haunted baby painting. Annex’s Gothic Sweetheart returns with a magically creepy tale.

Catherine Blake Smith •| Director
Kelleen Conway Blanchard • | Playwright

Pilar O’Connell • | Bettina
Madison Jade Jones ∞ | Lotte
Mike Gilson º | Jack Jr
Chad Ro º | Tom
James Weidman º | Reverend/Bug
Val Brunetto • | Mother/Eudora/Mug
Sasha Bailey • | Starling/Veronic
Zenaida Rose • | Detective Penny/Connie?

Production Team
Omar Faust º | Production Manager
Brandon Eller º | Stage Manager
Adam Zopfi-Hulse º | Production Designer
Jacob Viramontes º | Lighting Designer
Josh Valdez º | Co-Sound Designer
Wei Low •/∞ | Co-Sound Designer
Violet Séverine Blanchard • | Original Music Composer
Jen Nelson • | Choreographer
Chapin Montague • | Production Intern

Pronoun Guide
They/Them ∞
She/Her •
He/Him º