All Holiday Party 2012

March 24, 7:30 | $15
“Merry St. Hallow’s Easter-mas, and a Happy Thanks-Independence New Valentine’s Year!”

Annex Theatre is proud to present the 2012 edition of THE ALL HOLIDAY PARTY!

Join us in celebrating 19 different holidays throughout the course of one preposterous evening of hilarity and debauchery at Annex Theatre! SEE! Punxsutawney Phil roam freely, spotting shadows everywhere he can! THRILL! to Cupid’s arrow and the wonders of Valentine’s Day speed weddings! WITNESS! the mad revels of the Maypole! CACKLE! with crazed wickedness as you enter the Halloween costume contest! SIT! on Santa’s lap and see what presents Santa’s little helpers bring you this year! TOAST! a brave new year at midnight! Cancel that major surgery, reschedule your wedding, and make sure that YOU are present for THE ALL HOLIDAY PARTY 2012!

From 7:30-12pm on March 24, we’ll celebrate 19 holidays in rapid succession! Bring costumes, props, and an attitude of general silliness as we cram a year’s worth of holiday celebration into one action packed evening!