The Vampires of the Neverwood

Pumpkins with Vampires teeth

October 16 – November 14

Written by Butch Alice & Anya Knees
Directed by Butch Alice

Welcome to The Lava Kingdoms, a choose-your-own-adventure story world. In this fantasy, we follow two estranged sisters who have grown apart in their adulthoods. Meet Jonelle Dinklebreeze, a master of Poledance magic training under the monks on a floating continent, and her sister Cherelle Dinklebreeze, an accredited scientist working to prolong the life of the King of the Elves through dark and unnatural methods. Each night, the audience determines the direction of the journey, guided by Jonelle and Cherelle as the stories and characters vary based on the choices made by the audience. Will your tale involve the Brave and powerful Merwarriors of the Sea of Shells? Or the Elven Astronauts of the Forests of Elvenastran? Or the Musically attuned Giraffebards of the Southern Deserts? Join us for a new adventure of your choosing created by Butch Alice and Anya Knees.