Water is Life: Support Standing Rock

Sunday November 27th
7:30 PM PWYC

Water is Life: Support Standing Rock

Since the events of November 8 our nation has been coming to terms with the reality of our future President of the United States. Even in Seattle, this liberal bastion, we have seen a heinous lurch in hate crimes and violence. As you read this, there are atrocious acts of violence being committed against the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. They are choosing to live in sub-zero temperatures, protecting our natural resources, and they are being doused with hoses and rubber bullets. This is a group of folks who have been activists from the very beginning; they are the ultimate survivors and warriors, caring for our planet in a sacred & intimate way that few of us know how. We have much to learn, and much to say thank you for.

Water is Life: Support Standing Rock is a multidisciplinary fundraising event. The evening will include a silent auction where the proceeds of all paintings, herbal medicines, and sculptures created by Native and local artists will go directly to Standing Rock. There will also be performances written and performed by Native theatre makers and musicians.

We will accept cash/card donations at the door and encourage people to drink, be merry. We also encourage you to donate all kinds of supplies: dried foods, canned goods, hand warmers, extreme winter gear, etc. For those of us who cannot financially support the cause, there will be a table with cards to write words of encouragement and thanks to the Water Protectors. (Admission is PWYC, $10 suggested donation.)

This event provides an avenue through which to aid the Water Protectors during the conflict. Giving to others strengthens our spirit. In the wise words of Mother Teresa, “Give, but give until it hurts”. We are all hurting so much already, so why not give?

Silent Auction

Visual Artists:
Chase Stanley*
Caite Ramos*
Tim Durkan
Chelsea Rodino**
Jade Highleyman**
Laura Dux**

Claire Ramos* – Pastry Chef
Fantasia Rose – Hairstylist
Natalie Johnson – Herbalist

Theatre Artists:
Kalea Salvador*
Steven Diaz*
Anastasia Price*
Alex Potter

Taylor Bowyn
Craig Furnivall**

* Denotes Native American Artist

**Denotes POC

Water is Life is a part of FLINCH/PUNCH, a series of performances and events produced by Annex Theatre proposed by community artists as responses to the election. All performances are PWYC.