Emerald and the Love Song of the Dead Fishermen

written & directed by Brendan Healy
presented by Pony World Theatre in association with Annex Theatre
Aug. 6-29, 2009 | Thu-Sat 8pm

Written by Pony World co-founder Brendan Healy, Emerald and the Love Song of the Dead Fishermen was a stylized, modern maritime odyssey, which told the story of a corporate coffee shop barista, marked at birth with green hair. On the mythic Day of Dead Fishermen–the day every 25 years when all the drowned fishermen walk again on a legendary island–Emerald Fasma set out to meet her father who died at sea the day she was born.  With a blend of whimsy and poetry, Emerald and the Love Song of the Dead Fishermen combined old traditions of mythology with a sardonic view of modern life in the Northwest.

What the reviewers said…

The Stranger:

“Imaginatively ambitious”

“Healy’s plays build stylized worlds that initially resemble ours and then fragment, with odd poetry pouring from their fissures”

The Seattle Weekly:

“The actors bloom like bioluminescent algae”

“The set designer flips the bird at every big-budget theater in town”

The Seattlest:

“Playwright Brendan Healy uses a healthy dose of whimsy and charm to tackle big themes of loss and love”

“Healy definitely has a strong theatrical vision”

“A perfectly lovely example of how much a small theatre can accomplish when they think outside the box”

Seattle Gay News:

“An elegant myth”