Boggle Tournament

BOGGLE TOURNAMENT is a fast-paced and frenetically frivolous game show featuring a small group of players who will play each other in a competition to play Boggle. Catch the event on Annex Theatre’s YouTube channel on Saturday, November, 5 at 5pm.


⏳ Wesley K. Andrews

⏳ Gage Glupker

⏳ Emeke Nkadi

⏳ Zenaida Rose Smith

⏳ Darrin Schultz

⏳ Aaron J. Shay

🎤 HOSTED by Catherine Blake Smith

And who would be without 🤎🤍🤎 word-themed smut 🤎🤍🤎  to get you oh so very excited about words? We’ll have a new piece written by Kelleen Conway Blanchard, performed by Zenaida Rose Smith!

We want you to play along at home! Viewers can post their own word lists in the chat, or even donate to add or remove time and modify letters in every round. Watch the players as they search for the most and most unique words as fast as they can. Make sure your player wins!

Click below for the video stream, care of Stream Wizard 📽️ Ben Laurance!

It’s about time to add another word game to your rotation and watch the… BOGGLE TOURNAMENT!