Mother Tongue Saloon


Saturday 12/3
8:30 pm

Performed by Mother Tongue

The Saloon is drinks, live art, and discussion. We invite the community to join us as Mother Tongue shares two excerpts from a full-length work in progress and asks the question: Does political art matter? Why? Is it a powerful tool and how can we use it? And what does it look like? Catch two queer, not quite white females performing parts of an untitled, unfinished piece. This is a safe space for all people, and we hope to facilitate respectful and real discussion for those of us that need it.

Featuring live performance by
Angelina Baldoz
kt Shores

Video created by Mother Tongue + Paul Budraitis

Mother Tongue Saloon is a part of FLINCH/PUNCH, a series of performances and events produced by Annex Theatre proposed by community artists as responses to the election. All performances are PWYC.