2017 Season


WINTER: Mainstage – Scary Mary

When a drop of Mary’s blood falls down down down to the center of the Earth, something Evil and Ancient wakes up in the shadows, and now the Hellish Horrors of the Dark have a taste for her. Mary must go on an epic quest through nine different nightmares to make a potion to put The Slither back to sleep and save her soul from its nasty gnashing teeth. Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine is a fantastical, puppet-filled fairy tale that creeps, crawls, and catapults its way through the terrifying landscape of the imagination as Mary fights for her very life amidst the ever-encroaching darkness.

WINTER: Off-Night – Waning

At 16, Luna realizes the harsh reality of what it means to be a young, black, queer woman in America. She struggles with her sense of identity and love until she meets Ravi, a fellow college classmate and her ideal partner. When Luna discovers she is pregnant, she’s forced to make a life-altering decision. Waning teaches us that words on the page of a history book are nothing compared to weight of reality.

SPRING: – Mainstage – ACME

Jules, an MIT dropout with a chip on her shoulder, arrives for her first day of a lucrative internship at ACME, world-famous manufacturer of all-things necessary. With every new face she meets, Jules falls deeper into the machinations of ACME and its mysterious past. Charging headfirst into the weird unknown, will she survive long enough to see Day Two? Chaos reigns in this ensemble satire about the trappings of technology, brand-allegiance, and science-gone-amok!

SPRING: Off-Night – Research & Development Wing

As producers of improbable and risky bold, new work, Annex Theatre houses one of the most explosive research & development laboratories of Seattle theatre scene. What happens when process is product? Curators Catherine Blake Smith and James Weidman consult the Company to create a season within the Annex season in Annex’s own Research & Development Wing.


Come back to NITE SKOOL with Annex Theatre and The Libertinis! Get ready to re-learn everything you forgot and forget everything you thought you knew about love, war, and hot lunch. This generative production will shake theatre, neoburlesque, and clown into one deliciously weird cocktail. Get your ass to class for some adult education!

SUMMER: Off-Night – Over & Under

Soar through the skies and ride through the earth in Over & Under, two one-act plays. Cumulus begins on an airplane, where conversations between strangers reveal the complex lives of its passengers; Turnstile begins on a subway car where a young girl, riding alone for the first time, finds her imagination sparked by overheard conversations. Both plays spin off into alternative lives, some mundane, some dramatic, some completely fantastical.

FALL: Mainstage – Last Stop on Lilac

1960s Hollywood is a technicolor land of fever dreams. Sweet faced Bunny Le Blanc brought her bright lights to the big city and now she’s dead. Last seen on luxurious Lilac Lane, home to glamorous stars and faded legends. Someone on this street murdered Bunny but who? The sexy starlet, the swinging bachelors in the pink bungalow? Something deadly happened in Last Stop on Lilac Lane. Something secret, most likely involving sacrifices, blood cults and the devil herself.

FALL: Off-Night – DEERS

Antic animals drink away their troubles with friends and foes at a mountain tavern in the Cascades, where every bunny knows your name. Share a pint as these creatures encounter love, career woes, mortality, and their own primal natures. Beginning with the pilot and ending with a very special series finale, DEERS follows animals of all shapes and sizes over four episodes of this strange and unusual fake sitcom.

Monthly: First Sunday – Weird & Awesome

Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery is a monthly parade of wonder and awkward sharing hosted and curated by mustache wizard Emmett Montgomery. Each show is a love letter to the strangeness and talent that walks among us featuring brilliant people doing the things they are really good at doing or something they have never done on stage before. Prizes are won! Friends are made! Nightmares are shared and Joy is experienced!

Monthly: First Friday –  Spin the Bottle

Since 1997, Annex Theatre has been hosting Seattle’s grooviest monthly happening, Spin the Bottle. Experience a variety show unlike any other with a curated mix of theatre, music, film, burlesque, dance, spoken word, and the many other treasures the city has to offer. Curated by cool cat Catherine Blake Smith, who finds the most delectable, delightful, and downright daring performers in the city scene. And every evening ends with a raunchy reading of scintillating smut. Far out!