The Devil and Sarah Blackwater

The Devil and Sarah Blackwater

Written by Anthea Carns
Music and Lyrics by Lauren Freman
Directed by Madison Jade Jones and Sam Ro

Singer-songwriter Sarah Blackwater’s tour is rudely interrupted when the Devil comes calling about a debt: The eternal soul of her partner, Sam. With love as her only compass, Sarah goes through hell and back, to discover what’s really worth holding onto.

Addition PWYC Matinee Performance on Sunday, February 17 at 2 pm

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Lauren Freman
Lyam White
Danny Lacker
Laura Marx
MaryKate Moran
Emily Pike
Minna Lee
Diana Trotter
Modessa Jacobs

Production Team

Stage Manager – Josh Valdez
Scenic Design – Suzi Tucker and Sophia Wheelwright
Costume Design – Keegan Wreden
Lighting Design – Hannah Ferguson
Sound Design – Chris Leher
Asst. Sound Design – Linnea Ingalls
Intimacy Choreography – Cessa Betancourt
Production Manager – Omar Forrest

Graphic Design by Talia Rucker