Annex Games: Curiosity Initiative

Annex Games is embarking on a new mission: to explore strange new games. To seek out new fun and new minmaxing. To boldly go where no player has gone before!

Every month, on the 3rd weekend of the month, we will introduce a new tabletop role-playing game, try to teach the rules, and play a short one-shot of the game to demonstrate how it works. We’ll try to make them fun to watch as well as fun to play, and we’ll have some way for the audience to interact with the game to keep it interesting for our players!

April 15, 2023: Raccoon Sky Pirates

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar via Flickr

Have you ever wanted to be a raccoon? How about being a raccoon on a sky ship? What about a raccoon on a sky ship, raiding into the suburbs in search of higher-quality garbage? That’s the idea behind Raccoon Sky Pirates, our inaugural game in the new series.

Join our players as we learn to play our raccoons, pilot our rickety skyship, and go find that sweet sweet trash, all while avoiding the possums and rats who have created their own, rival sky ships (not to mention the pesky humans, of course).

You, our loyal audience, have been given a task as part of this game as well! Your job is to interact on the chat, and through donations via Ko-fi, to control the dreaded possum ship. See this page for a list of actions you can take.

What: Raccoon Sky Pirates!
When: Saturday, April 15th at 7 pm
Where: YouTube link
Cost: Free! (but also feel free to donate via our Ko-fi)