Blood Squad: Multum Homicidium

Presented by Blood Squad and Annex Theatre
Fri & Sat Sept 4th & 5th at 8pm
Tickets $10 per show – 0ption for $17 tickets in advance for both shows (quantities limited)

Listen, sir. I have to say, I don’t think we’ve seen anything like this before. This guy is relentless. And what he’s doing to his victims… it’s.. well, it put my partner in a mental institution, he couldn’t handle it. But considering the circumstances, I want to suggest something that might seem unorthodox. Godd*ammit, it might be the only way. I want to lure him out. I want to show him he’s not alone. I want to make myself look like the ideal disciple for this sonofabitch. And to do that, I need to leave the badge behind, and become a murderer myself.

Join Blood Squad, in collaboration with Annex Theatre, as they delve into the dark twisted world of a most sinister genre – the elaborate & methodical hyper-intelligent serial killer. Inspired by such series as Hannibal, Dexter and countless films, BS will present parts 1 & 2 of an improvised journey through the mind of madman (or woman). For those who want to see both, the show is planned as a complete story in two parts, but each individual show will stand on its own.

Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

About Blood Squad
Blood Squad is veteran Seattle improvisers Molly Arkin, Jon Axell, Brandon Felker & Elicia Wickstead. The ongoing mission of BS is improvising various sub-genres of horror films based on a title given by the audience.