You’d Better Sit Down for This

Margaret gets a letter from the DMV asking that she come down for a meeting immediately. She receives some news that is entirely unexpected. Turns out, she’s actually a robot. (Department of Monster Verification. Our logos are different.) Should we mention the evil werewolves? Should we mention the mad gorilla scientists? Nah, just come see it for yourself.

Cast: Aimee Filippi, Chip Wood, Darrin Schultz, Jesse Calixto, and Kylie McElrath

Artistic Team
Director: Kiefer Harrington and Madison Jade Jones
Production Manager: Omar Faust
Playwrights: Jasmine Joshua and Eric Navarrette
Stage Manager: Kristin Brown
Costume Design: Keegan Wreden
Lighting Design: Shannon Miller
Sound Design: Xris Nil
Scenic Design: Madison Jade Jones