Annex Games!

Art by Amanda Yang (Insta: @ama.natto)

This campaign is finished, but check out the recording links below to relive the adventure!

What do you get when you combine a passel of roleplaying game nerds, a fringe theater known for big, cheap spectacle, a live-streaming setup, and live, audience-funded changes to the game? If you’re thinking, “Gosh, that sounds like a chaotically good time,” then you’re right!

Join us as we put some of Annex’s favorite geeks in a room overflowing with dice and barely-suppressed covid-rage, and let the magic unfold.

Our fourth episode features Paul Gude (he/they) as the Game Master, and our roster of players in their continuing adventure:

  • Cheyenne Bilbrey (she/her)
  • Daniel Christensen (he/him)
  • Dave Clapper (he/him)
  • seranine (she/her)
  • Omar Faust (he/him)
  • Brendan Mack (they/them)
  • Aaron J. Shay (he/him)
  • Cody Smith (he/him)

In addition, we’ll have Catherine Blake Smith (she/her) as our chat moderator, and Laura Johnston (she/they) as our Rules Lawyer.

This is a fundraiser, but to make it fun, instead of just asking for money, your donation directly affects the game! Choose from a menu of donation options, ranging from granting characters health, to casting spells, to summoning that most dreaded enemy, the Health Inspector. You can even trigger a reading of good old-fashioned smut from our group of skilled (and naughty) smut writers! And, best of all, if someone makes a change you don’t like, you can counterspell their donation with a donation of your own!

Want to know what happened in previous sessions? Check out the recordings: