I Was A Fat Kid… I Was A Really Fat Kid

Feb 1st-16th, 2011 | Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8PM
$10 gen / $5 TPS/senior/student

Written and Performed by Nathaniel Boggess
Directed by Shelley McLendon

What is more entertaining than other people’s unhappiness? Portland storyteller Nathaniel Boggess transforms his childhood as a fat outcast into rueful, squalid, and comic tales of Booberry cereal, wedgies, cruel nicknames, and working at just about every fast food restaurant imaginable. Boggess’s deceptively offhand performance style puts a sly spin on adolescent awkwardness and misery. Come binge and purge with I Was a Fat Kid…I Was a Really Fat Kid!


“In this hilarious but melancholy one-act monologue, Boggess discusses his struggles with weight, family, and self-acceptance….Boggess balances the painful with plain, ironic humor, and even sometimes addresses the audience directly—like a good friend reassuring others he’s actually okay. ‘It’s alright,’ he says, ‘It’s funny.'” – Seattle Weekly

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