Book/music/lyrics by Scotto Moore
Directed by Scotto Moore & Eddie DeHais
Vocal arrangements by Brian Kinyon & Scotto Moore

Featuring: Aviona Rodriguez Brown, Grace Carmack, Alexei Cifrese, Arika Gloud, Brian Kinyon, Mandy Rose Nichøls, Emily Pike, Sam Ro, Shalonia Rosen, Stephanie Spohrer, Emily Jo Testa, and Miranda Troutt.

Silhouette is a world-premiere a cappella science fiction musical by Scotto Moore, co-creator of A Mouse Who Knows Me. In a small, secret town on a distant planet, a group of mutineers live in hiding from an imperialist, genocidal military fleet. When a scout ship from that fleet crashes near their settlement, the mutineers are forced to consider brutal options for their survival, while the young pilot of the scout ship faces the prospect of never seeing her home again.