Center-Cut Ham Dinner Night Slide Show

created and performed by Dr. David M. Nixon, Ph.D.

Nov 2 – Nov 17, 2010
Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm
$10 general / $5 TPS, senior, military / $5 student

Dr. David M. Nixon, Ph.D. (Philosophy professor, actor, musician, dancer, animator, painter, and member of local absurdist art pop theater band “Awesome”) brings a world premier solo show to Annex Theatre. You see, lately the good doctor has been thinking about The Meaning of Life: What makes the difference between a pointless, wasted life and a meaningful, worthwhile, welllived life? What is it in virtue of which one life is more or less meaningful? In this show, he tackles this question with a surprise package of music, animation, film, dance, and mouth noises. As with any significant philosophical discourse, a stiff drink is recommended and readily available in the Annex lounge.

Seattle Gay Scene review:

So, what’s a funny, smart, talented, philosophy professor do in his spare time? He puts on a show! … Dr Nixon has created a clever, entertaining, charming show that touches on some big themes, but it doesn’t hit you over the head with them. It’s a show with brains but it’s also a show with heart and emotion.

The Slog review::

Center-Cut Ham Dinner Night Slide Show is weird, and it is funny… I’m not sure what I got out of it, but I liked getting it.

Preview article: Actor, dancer, banjo player, philosophy professor creates play on ‘the meaning of life’