Row Yr Boat is a dark, surrealist romantic comedy about drones, video games, unreality and magic, set against the backdrop of the War on Terror. Rose T. O’Brien, an eccentric late-20s gamer with massive confidence issues and a deep competitive streak, goes looking for employment in the virtual reality sector at a major industry conference in Vegas. There, Rose is recruited as a sensor for Row Yr Boat LLC, a company with an unprecedented condition for employment: Rose must be married within the year or lose everything. The condition isn’t unreasonable; it’s for her mental health.

For the Row Yr Boat rehearsal process, Annex Theatre is partnering with Pacific Science Center to participate in their evolving new experience: What Is Reality. This rotating set of experiences highlights the intersection between art, science, and immersive technologies- such as augmented and virtual reality- with the goal of exploring the question of what is real through a personal lens.


“Written for a politically-conscious and open-minded audience, ROW YR BOAT (Achievement Unlocked) is an engaging narrative driven by the powerful themes of love and violence.  The performance offers a nuanced perspective on the moral applications of technology while examining the potential psychological repercussions of the ongoing isolation inherent to a digital world, effectively contrasting the consequences of virtual reality with the physical world in an unforgettable climax.  Don’t miss out.” —  Robert Horton Drama in the Hood


Heidi Cheyenne as Rose
Tim Gagne as Danny
Cody Smith as Coyle
Val Brunetto as Wanda/Sam
Anjelica McMillan as Julia
Rich Hawkins as Herman

Directed by Catherine Blake Smith
Written by Wesley K. Andrews
Stage Manager – Jessi Marlow
Dramaturg – L. Nicol Cabe
Scenic Designer – Jenna Ryan
Sound Designer – Mariah Brougher
Lighting Designer – Carolina Johnson
Props Designer – Mary Ann Keeney