Human Identity

A one man show
Written & performed by Christopher Vened
Produced by Rebecca Robertson-Szwaja

Fri-Sat, Mar 13-14, 8pm | $22

This inventive, funny and eye-opening piece of theater is nothing less than a quest to discover the meaning of human identity. What does it mean to be human? Christopher Vened explores the essential predicament of being alive without the sure knowledge of who we are and how we were created. What cannot be explained in words is illustrated in mime. The show runs 90 minutes; there is an intermission.”

Reviewers commented:

“Vened’s skill as a mime enables him to intricately reveal the complex physical organization that makes us human and how it transcends all other life forms on Earth,” praised reviewer Julio Martinez, Arts in LA. (January 20014)

“A true master of his own body, a genius of physical expression and articulation, Christopher Vened, in this one man masterpiece, displays exquisite human agility.”Bonnie Priever, LA Musical Theater Examiner (February 2014)