Star Trek: The Sexed Generation

September 5th and 6th | Doors at 7:30, curtain at 8
$40 for VIP (front two rows) which includes prime seating and a VIP goodie bag
$25 general admission

More fun than telling Wesley Crusher to shut up, Star Trek: The Sexed Generation is a salacious and reverent celebration of Trekkie canon that combines artful striptease with the colorful characters and quirks of the final frontier. Presented at Annex Theater on September 5th and 6th by Songbird & Raven, the show is a fully scripted burlesque adventure that unfolds aboard the Starship Enterprise.

When a mysterious force alters time and space, the crews of Captains James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard find themselves united on the Enterprise. Something is clearly amiss, as the crews seem unable to repress their own deepest desires, resulting in some terrifically bawdy, though highly illogical, hijinks. Could it be a nefarious space gangster? The all-consuming Borg? A gaping inter-dimensional rift? Only Starfleet can get to the bottom of this.

In true “nerdlesque” fashion, The Sexed Generation goes beyond mere parody to explore the series’ treatment of gender, identity, and sexuality. Through gender-bending and storytelling, the stars tease their way through questions of queerness, power, and sex in Roddenberry’s future utopia. It’s a space-age cultural study in tassels and sequins.

Featuring Performances By:
Lady Drew Blood
Sailor St. Claire
Scarlett O’Hairdye
Al Lykya
Bolt Action
Maxie Milieu
Jesus la Pinga
Crystal Tassels
Olatsa Assassin
Eva Fairwood
Ava D’Jor
Miz Melancholy
Sin De La Rosa

Also Featuring:
Maggie McMuffin
Magnolia Monroe
and Verity Germaine