The Excursionists: A Matter of Seconds

September 23rd-October 2nd, 2010 | Thu-Sat at 8 pm
$15 gen

Written & Performed by Jonah Von Spreecken and Christopher Bange

Jonah Von Spreecken and Christopher Bange have just returned from the Canadian Fringe circuit to perform their most recent creation, The Excursionists: A Matter of Seconds, a follow up to their 2006 show, The Excursionists: An Aristocratic Adventure. The Excursionists is a sort of Jules Verne/Monty Python hybrid of two gentleman explorers that embraces the steam-punk sub-genre of science fiction and also could be described as a send up of 1950s and 1960s adventure movies.

Two English Gentlemen circa 1884, Professor Goggins and Lord Necksycracksy set out through the aether of time in order to deliver an important message to one of history’s greatest kings. As fate would have it, traveling through the chasms of time comes with its own consequences. An adventure ensues full of puppetry, sword-fighting, decapitations and a good dose of pomp and perplexity.

“Like some manic Victorian video game” – Edmonton Sun

“A most sharply absurd, occasionally meta and successfully highly stylized work of comedy” – Vue Weekly

“It’s Jules Verne hanging out with Terry Gilliam, on a bender and buying a drink for Dr. Who.” – Edmonton Journal