You Get A Spoon!

Wed, Dec 30, 8pm
Tickets $15 in advance / $20 at the door

This is a special ONE NIGHT ONLY Seattle edition of Chris Duffy’s You Get A Spoon!, everybody’s favorite variety show and audience prize giveaway.

Three talented guests each perform a set and then enthusiastically endorse things they love, which we give to the audience Oprah-style. Previous audience members have taken home candy bars, books, magazine subscriptions, kitchen appliances, nose flutes, and gaff tape. Every show, one lucky audience member receives a Tovolo mixing spoon (the greatest spoon in the universe). Guaranteed to be the most positive way to spend a Wednesday night in Seattle. Featuring comedy from Chris Duffy, a short film by Bianca Giaever (This American Life), and music by Zubin Hensler and Willem de Koch (The Westerlies).