The Gnome ‘n’ You Menu

To invoke one of these actions, make the corresponding donation on our Ko-Fi page. Be sure to say which action you’re taking, and any required information, such as target name!

And, of course, if you want to donate without invoking one of the menu actions, that’s welcome, too.

  1. Add a Hit Point – $1/HP
    Name the character or player who should receive the hit point. Note that characters who are unconscious will revive with 1 HP!
  2. Damage an Enemy – $1/HP
    Name the enemy who should take the hit.
  3. Lock/Unlock a Door – $5
    Lock or unlock any door or portal in the current scene.
  4. Drop a Lone Kobold into the Scene – $5
    Kobolds are weak by themselves, but can work together to thwart even powerful characters.
  5. Grant Advantage/Disadvantage – $5
    Character or enemy of your choice gets advantage or disadvantage on their next roll. Specify disadvantage or advantage, and target.
  6. Restore a Spell Slot – $5/spell level
    $5 restores a 1st level spell slot, $10 a 2nd level, etc. Tell the mod who gets the slot back.
  7. Wand of Wild Magic – $10
    Drop a 1-charge Wand in front of the character of your choice. They won’t know what it is unless they cast identify on it. Using it will cause a wild magic surge
  8. Wand of Fireball – $20
    Drop a 1-charge Wand of Fireball in front of the character of your choice. They will know what it is when they pick it up.
  9. Cast a Spell
    Cause a spell to go off, as if you were some kind of omnipotent god. Clearly describe your target.
    1. Invisibility – $10
    2. Pass without Trace – $10
    3. Fireball – $20
    4. Fly – $20
    5. Haste – $20
    6. Stinking Cloud – $20
  10. Wild Magic Surge – $20
    Cause a wild magic surge on one character.
  1. Drop Six Kobolds into the Scene – $20
    Now we’re talking. Kobolds will be armed with swords or bows, and able to set traps.
  2. Cast Revivify on One Character – $50
    This will cast the revivify spell on the named character, bringing them back to life, if they died less than 1 minute ago, in game time.
  3. Smut break! – $50
    Give the players a break as we read from our selection of short D&D-themed smut pieces from Kelleen Conway Blanchard and Scot Augustson. Note: very very NSFW!
  4. Moneyball Counterspell – $Varies
    Don’t like someone else’s donation effect? Undo it for $1 more than their donation amount!
  5. Donation of Many Things – $20
    Your Rules Lawyer will roll a d20 on the menu you’re currently reading, and apply that effect as if you had made that donation. If you don’t specify a target, one will be chosen by die roll.
  6. Drop a Pair of Hell Hounds into the Scene – $30
    Hell Hounds are like wolves, but they breathe fire, and are much harder to kill.
  7. Freaky Friday – $40
    Name two player characters. They swap character sheets and play with their new abilities.
  8. Drop a Young Red Dragon into the Scene – $50
    A Young Red Dragon poses a serious threat to even skilled parties.
  9. Anti-Gravity Sphere – $50
    You cause a 40-foot radius sphere to appear at your preferred location. Inside the sphere, there is no gravity. The effect lasts for one minute of game time.
  10. Change a Rule – $50-500
    Select from among the suggested rule changes, or propose your own rule change in the chat. The Rules Lawyer will adjudicate the price for free-form rule changes.