Laugh Out Logic

Doors 7pm Show 7:30pm $10

Come watch 4 expert panelists from our talented community of Seattle Artists, compete against each other in the only way that we know how to express superiority over each other, in a verbal slap fight to the finish. Where one panelist will climp their way to the top and exclaim with a barbaric yawp that they are a Master Debater.

Find out important answers to questions like, is Bernie Sanders printing out tweets to make a point, or illustrate he doesn’t know how to make a power point. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll get laid*!

(* No gaurentees on any of these things, just friendly encouragement, oh except the laughs part)

Your panelists for January 2017 are Andrew Shanks, Abraham Tadesse,Corrina Lee Allen, and Henry Russell Stoddard. With your host and moderator Chris Leher attempting to keep things civil(ish)

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