They/Them The Festival

They/Them The Festival

Curated by Sam I’Am
They/Them the Festival is a celebration of trans performance artists showcasing that WE ARE HERE

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They/Them The Musical
Written and Starring Sam I’Am
Original Music Composed by Emma Staake
May 31 – June 29 Thur-Sat 7:30 PM
Industry June 10, 17

About They/Them The Musical

They/Them the Musical is the story of gender identity told through the eyes of mother, son and daughter, asking “How much does gender matter in loving a parent or child?

From Curator Sam I’Am

Why this show now?
Seattle audiences have been begging for trans representation on stage and Sam I’Am is here to give it to you. From comedians to musicians to drag to so much more, They/Them the Festival is a celebration of Trans art.
As a nonbinary performer I often run into people not knowing what to do with my art because  I don’t fit into their binary mold. I’m excited to partner with Annex and Trans/Nonbinary performance artists of all different mediums to showcase that our art is worthy and should be the center of conversation.

What message or feeling do you want the audience to walk away with?
I want Trans/Nonbinary audience members to feel seen and represented at They/Them the Festival. I want cis audiences to use this opportunity to view the glory that is Trans/Nonbinary art so that I never hear again “I didn’t know a Trans person

How did you come up with They/Them The Musical?
They/Them was originally an 8 minute short written for the Intiman Emerging Artist Program in 2017 under the direction of Eddie Dehais and Sara Porkalob. It has since extended to a 30 minute piece with 3 songs. Myself and composer Emma Staake have written 3 additional songs and several more scenes to extend the piece to one hour.

Festival Acts

Seranine •MusicMay 31, June 1
Wryly Tender ∞Poetry/DanceMay 31, June 1
Jen Self ∞LectureJune 6-8
Mitch Mitchell ∞Comedy/TarotJune 6-8
goldlabia∞BurlesqueJune 14, 15
Mx. Pucks A’Plenty ∞BurlesqueJune 14
Irish Lashes ∞Stage KittenJune 14, 15, 20
Hot Pink Shade ∞Drag/DanceJune 20, 22
Vincent Milay ºDragJune 20-22
Nicolai D’lacey ∞Stage KittenJune 21, 22
Max Delsohn ∞Stand-UpJune 28, 29
Jigsaw ChildrenSpoken Word/DanceJune 28, 29
↳ Lee Aeo º
↳ Allison Burke ∞
↳ Tayler Delynn ∞

Production Team

Quinn Chase ∞Stage Manager
Tori Reaney ∞Scenic Design
Hannah FergusonLighting Designer
Emma Staake∞Sound Designer
Xris Ex Nil ∞Sound Designer
Adam Zopfi-HulseTechnical Director
Mandy Rose Nichols ∞Production Manager
Xris Ex Nil ∞Graphic Designer
Ian Johnston º∞Production Photography

Pronoun Guide
They/Them ∞
He/Him º
She/Her •