Over & Under

Soar through the skies and ride underground in Over & Under, two one-act plays that spin off into alternative lives; some mundane, some dramatic, some completely fantastical! Cumulus begins on an airplane, where conversations between strangers reveal the complex lives of its passengers; Turnstile begins on a subway car where a young girl, riding alone for the first time, finds her imagination sparked by overheard conversations. Featuring an unwanted proposal, a haunted hospital, singing rats, and an outer-space booty call, these two plays will take you places you didn’t know you wanted to visit.

Bret Fetzer has had several plays produced at Annex Theatre, including _Passport_, _Clubfoot_ (co-written with Stephen McCandless), _The Changeling_ (co-written with Thomas Middleton), _Mars is a star who defies observation_, _The Story of the Bull_, _Bob Is Dead_ (co-written with Kevin Haggerty), and a previous collaboration with Juliet Waller Pruzan, _Blind Spot_. He also has directed many shows (favorites include plays by Scot Augustson and Kelleen Conway Blanchard), produced the late-night variety show Spin the Bottle for 17 years, has been Annex’s Artistic Director twice, and married his wife, Tracy Leigh, on this stage at 1 am almost five years ago.

Juliet Waller Pruzan is a playwright, choreographer, and teaching artist. She was a dancer for many years and later, one half of the dance/theater duo, Juliet and Stephen with Stephen Hando.  She has been collaborating with Bret Fetzer since 1998.  Turnstile is the seventh play they have written together, not counting the many 14/48s they have done over the years. This is their third collaboration presented at Annex where she has also choreographed several shows and participated in various Spin the Bottles.

Rachel Katz Carey’s award winning work as a director/dramaturg/instructor has been seen across the US and Canada in a 25 year career that spans Moliere, Shakespeare, Stoppard, Dostevsky, Hans Christian Andersen and a dreamy musical astronomy show called Starball that has been performed in planetariums from Seattle to New York to Spain and will return to West of Lenin in September.

She has been an associate director for theater simple for 20 years and has taught at Lewis & Clark College, University of Minnesota–Duluth, University of Washington and Taproot Theater in Seattle.

Previous Annex shows include Classy Nonsense by Dan Hamann, Passport by Bret Fetzer and Blind Spot by Bret Fetzer and Juliet Waller Pruzan.

Over & Under Cast
Sharif Ali
Mary Murfin Bayley
Daniel Christensen
Stanley Dang
Nic Morden
Caroline Rensel
Merry Senn
Steph Sola

Design Team
Gwyn Skone, Lighting Design
Chris Leher, Sound Design
Ian Johnston and Bret Fetzer, Set Design