Kaiju Complications

Head over to our Ko-Fi page to make donations, and encourage the gods to put their thumb on the scale! Be sure to specify any details (which monster to target, where to place an effect) if necessary.

Tier 1 Options

  • $1Divine Healing – Divine energy surges through a monster, invigorating it and restoring a small portion of its health. Restore 10 HP to a monster of your choice.
  • $2Divine Advantage – Divine energy surges through a monster, readying it for incoming attacks and upcoming obstacles. Monster of your choice gains advantage on all saving throws for 1 minute.
  • $2God’s Ire – A monster is wracked with minor curses that hinder, harass, and inconvenience it. Monster of your choice gains disadvantage on all saving throws for 1 minute.
  • $5Arena Blessing – Divine energies surge across the arena, steeling the mind and body of all monsters, readying and sharpening their reflexes. All monsters gain advantage on all saving throws for 1 minute.
  • $5God’s Shield – Through godly interference, a barrier of protection temporarily envelops a monster, making it difficult to harm. Monster of your choice has the Shield spell (+5 to armor class) cast on it, lasting until the end of its next turn.

Tier 2 Options

  • $10Healing Waters – A geyser of water, infused with magical healing properties, bursts forth from the deep lake for a time, restoring health to any who should drink of it or bathe in its waters. For the next minute, in a 10 foot radius centered in the middle of the lake (Tile 2/1), and reaching 100 feet in the air, a healing geyser erupts, that will restore 20 Hit Points once per monster.
  • $10Elemental Protection – An orb of pure elemental energy bestows, to the one who catches it, the power to shrug off any harm a particular element may inflict. An orb of pure elemental energy (Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, or Thunder; chosen by donor) appears within 50 feet of a monster of the donor’s choice. Any monster who gets to it and spends an action absorbing it gains immunity to that damage for 1 minute.
  • $10Monstrous Misdirect – An illusory copy of a monster appears randomly on the map making any attempt to find the original difficult, whether magic or mundane, through misdirection and confusion. An Illusory copy of a monster of the donor’s appears randomly on the map. Any attempt to scry on or magically locate the monster instead directs them to this copy. To visually determine if this is the real monster or a copy requires a DC 32 Wisdom (Perception) or Wisdom (Insight) check OR a DC 36 Intelligence (Arcana) check made at disadvantage.
  • $15Devil’s Fog – A magical obscuring fog envelops one of the arena’s biomes, making it difficult to see and harder still to attack from afar. A magic fog appears over one biome for 1 minute. Any monster who doesn’t have blindsense or truesight has disadvantage on all ranged attacks (weapon or spell), perception checks, and the range of any ranged ability, attack, or spell is cut in half.
  • $20 Magic Maelstrom – A maelstrom of magical energy sweeps across the arena causing elemental storms influenced by the different biomes of the arena. A magical maelstrom sweeps across the map, one biome at a time. It spends 5 minutes in each biome and deals 25 Damage (dependent on biome) per minute to every creature in the biome. Damage types are Fire for Lava Lake, Cold for Fjord, Lightning for Lake, Psychic for Forest.
  • $20Cloud of Daggers – A massive whirlwind of magical blades appears in the arena, slicing at anyone caught within. A 50x50x50 ft Cloud of Daggers is cast somewhere of the Donor’s choosing on the map.
  • $20Movement of the Gods – One monster discovers they are now temporarily capable of a new method of movement, such as flying through the air, swimming capably through waters, or burrowing through the earth. Give a monster of donor’s choice one additional movement type (flying, burrowing, swimming, climbing) for 10 minutes. This speed is equal to their current fastest movement speed.
  • $20Divine Sloth – Enervating magics cause a monster to feel incredibly sluggish, reducing movement drastically. Reduce all of a monster’s movement speeds to 5 feet for 1 minute.
  • $25Greater Divine Healing – Restorative magic greatly replenishes a monster’s health, at the cost of temporarily hindering its abilities, as the monster is overwhelmed by the surge of newfound health. Monster of the donor’s choice gains 80 hit points but also gains disadvantage on all saving throws for 3 rounds as the healing magics overwhelm it. Any excess HP are granted as temporary HP.
  • $25Plague of Banshees – A group of Banshees appear to harass and attack a monster. Summon 1d8+2 Banshees to harass a monster of the donor’s choice.
  • $25Elemental Weakening – A monster finds shrugging off certain attacks or afflictions more difficult. Remove a resistance, or add vulnerability to, one of: fire, cold, lightning, poison, thunder, or acid damage on 1 monster for 1 minute.
  • $25The Great Shrinking – A monster is vastly reduced in stature, shrinking to the size of a cat, but retaining their great strength and mighty powers. Change a monster’s size to Tiny for 1 minute. Their ability scores stay the same, but they now have disadvantage on (Charisma) Intimidation and advantage on (Dexterity) Stealth checks, Dexterity saving throws, and can move through and share the spaces of another monster.
  • $50God’s Fury – A trio of meteors forcefully impacts at a point in the arena, searing and blasting any who fail to evade the impact. A meteor shower is called down on a point of donor’s choice. All monsters within 40 feet must make a DC 27 Dex save or take 3d10 Fire Damage and 3d10 Force Damage (or half fire damage and no force damage on success).
  • $50 Trickster’s Switcharoo – Bored with the spectacle presented by the monsters summoned to the arena, one of the gods flicks a finger, and swaps in a different monster, to see if this one will be more diverting. Choose a monster/player, and specify the new monster which takes its place (or specify that the DM should roll to choose). The player will be given a new stat sheet, and their character will be transformed into the new monster.

Tier 3 Options

  • $100Volcanic Eruption – The volcanic island in the center of the arena erupts violently, spewing lava far and wide. The island is considered difficult terrain, and does 10d10 fire damage to any creature which enters the space, or ends their turn in the lava. Any creature in the biome must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw vs. DC 22 or take 5d10 fire damage at the end of their turn from flying lava.
  • $200Biome Destruction – The fury of the gods whirls through a portion of the arena, displacing all creatures who remain within. All creatures in the named biome are ejected into the next adjacent biome, taking 5d10 force damage in the process. The biome becomes inaccessible for the rest of the game.
  • $300Reality Distortion – The fundamental rules of reality are changed by the whims of the gods. Describe your rules change in the chat. Eg, “All fire damage is doubled” or “Creatures who are able to fly lose that ability and are now ground-bound.”