Fierce as F*ck 2: No thanks, Men.

Sat Sept 7, 8:00pm

You already know. It has been six months since the first Fierce as F*ck (Womxn are tired of your Sh*t), and it turns out (cis) men are still patriarchal trash.
You got a rapist in the white house, Senators blocked from going to Israel, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Womxn and Girls, Black Trans Womxn under constant threat, Trans people banned from bathrooms, Indigenous migrants and refugees blocked at the border, and––after all that and some more, they **still** expect us to be nice.

Well, F*ck that.
We are Fierce as F*ck, and if they dont like it, too bad for them.

So to all the Fierce as F*ck Queer, Trans, Nonbinary and/or Womxn of Color, we invite you to come be fierce with us.
We will laugh, we will yell, we will rage, and we will celebrate our beautiful selves.

Men, you can come, but you have to pay more.

Abigail Echo-Hawk (MC)
Lourdez Velasco
Caféaulait Olé
Kiki Chesty La Rue
Stéphanie Nam
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