Le Frenchword: “Fancy Mud”

Friday 9/9, Saturday 9/10 @ 11PM
Sunday 9/11 @ 8PM

Friday 9/16, Saturday 9/17 @ 11PM
Sunday 9/18 @ 8PM

Friday 9/23, Saturday 9/24 @ 11PM

$5/10/15 gen

After a successful workshop run, absurdist trio Le Frenchword debuts the full length version of “Fancy Mud”; a collection of abstract comedy vignettes bolstered by a pastiche of movement, music and a deep and meaningful exploration of all things dumb. Directed by George Lewis, the story takes us from The Last Lame Three-Legged Dying Cow Of All Creation to the origins of the universe. With the help of cell phones, black holes, and the California Cute Cult, Le Frenchword delivers a pastel rainbow of laughter. Beware the flying bunny punch. Beware!