Dawn of the She-Devil of the China Seas

Pirate sailing ship

A new swashbuckler by Roger Tang

Directed by Kiefer Harrington

May 29 – June 20

It is a time of unrest in China. Floods and famine plague the land. Shih, a young refugee of pirate attacks, angers the sorceress Wu when Tai Yu, the God of Destiny, dubs Shih as the next leader of China. When Shih meets the pirate king Cheng Ai, she must go with him to learn the trade of being a pirate and how to control her own destiny. Sorcery and sword fighting fill this true swashbuckling origin story of the woman who commanded the largest pirate fleet in history by Roger Tang (Pork Filled Productions) and directed by Kiefer Harrington (Crewmates).