It’s Double Dare meets Noises Off! The creative team behind a late-1980s kids’ cable network is on the eve of launching a high-energy, neon-colored competition series. Will they succeed, or will it be a slime-a-riffic, televised, darkly comic catastrophe? GET GUNKED!

A new play by Marcus Gorman & Jo Jo Stiletto
Directed by Tootsie Spangles

May 31 – June 15, 2024

Performance Schedule:

PWYC PREVIEW Thursday, May 30 @ 7:30 p.m.
OPENING Friday, May 31 @ 7:30 p.m.
PERFORMANCE Saturday, June 1 @ 7:30 p.m.
INDUSTRY NIGHT Monday, June 3 @ 7:30 p.m.
PERFORMANCE Friday, June 7 @ 7:30 p.m.
PERFORMANCE Saturday, June 8 @ 7:30 p.m.
MATINÉE Sunday, June 9 @ 2:00 p.m.
PWYC PERFORMANCE Thursday, June 13 @ 7:30 p.m.
PERFORMANCE Friday, June 14 @ 7:30 p.m.
CLOSING PERFORMANCE Saturday, June 15 @ 7:30 p.m.

PWYC = Pay-what-you-can
All performances will be live streamed. Click here to reserve a spot.

Photos by Jules Doyle


Jesica Avellone is Emily, the Producer
Jasmine Joshua is Chris, the Director
MaryKate Moran is Smitty, the Stage Manager
Kasi Gaarenstroom is Jack, the Game Designer
Rhys Daly is Jockstar Rogers, the Host
Bill Bates is Flender, the Executive
Lara Hossalla is Tamara, a Contestant
Nathan Cardenas is Zachary, a Contestant
Erin Kelly Brown is Marvin, a Robot


Stage Manager – Carine Boekee
Assistant Stage Manager – Joris Hutchison
Assistant Stage Manager – Erin Kelly Brown
Production & Sound Designer – Jessica Aceti
Sound Designer & Engineer – Kathryn Nil
Costume Designer – Lady Drew Blood
Lighting Designer – Angelo Domitri
Fight Choreographer – Stacey Bush
Dance Choreographer – Flossy Beatrice
Puppet Designer – Rachel Jackson (Vox Fabuli)
Puppet Designer (Shadow Puppets) – Ashley Holberg
Mascot Costume Artist – Babe of Belltown
Best Boy – Seamus “Sparky” Anglin
Marketing Designers – Caitlin Huertas & Mary Holste
Vision Mixers – Ben Laurance, Catherine Blake Smith & Wei Low

Content Warnings:

Adult language, cartoonish violence, flashing lights. Recommended for ages 13 and above.


GUNKED! Theme & Space Crusaders Theme on Spotify
GUNKED! Playwright Inspiration playlist on Spotify
GUNKED! Character Inspiration playlist on Spotify


Jesica Avellone (she/her) (Emily)

Jesica Avellone is an actor and teaching artist in Seattle, where she has performed with Book-It Repertory Theatre, Cafe Nordo, Seattle Shakespeare Company/Wooden O, and Washington Ensemble Theater. She was honored to be a member of the Gregory Award-nominated ensemble of Book-It’s American Junkie. Next up is Miss Holmes with Latitude Theatre. Home is where Colin and the girls are. BFA, Boston University.

Jasmine Joshua (they/them) (Chris)

Jasmine is happy to be back at Annex, having last been seen as Deer in DEERS. Onstage: The 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle Public Theater, Book-It Repertory Theatre, Intiman. Directing credits: Book-It Repertory Theatre, Intiman, Reboot Theatre, Cafe Nordo, assistant director at 5th Avenue Theatre, associate director at Village Theatre. Jasmine is the Founding Artistic Director of Reboot Theatre Company, a queer and trans-focused company in Seattle.

MaryKate Moran (she/her) (Smitty)

MaryKate’s last time on the Annex stage was in 2019’s The Devil and Sarah Blackwater. Previous roles include August: Osage County (Ivy), The House of Yes (Jackie-O), and Theater Schmeater’s Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons (Bernadette). Her performance is in memory of James C. Davis, co-founder of Fairfield High School’s theatre arts department in Fairfield, Ohio. Thank you to arts educators everywhere.

Kasi Gaarenstroom (she/they) (Jack)

Kasi makes her Seattle theatre debut with GUNKED! With previous roles in such works as Spring Awakening (Thea), The Addams Family (Wednesday), Into the Woods (Little Red), and Sylvia (Sylvia), she is eager to continue her journey and explore the stories that the Seattle theatre community has to offer. Thanks, Annex!

Rhys Daly (he/they) (Jockstar Rogers)

Rhys Daly is delighted to be in his first show at Annex! Recent credits include Anyone Can Whistle (Reboot), Hello, Dolly! (Village Theatre), Henry IV (Seattle Shakespeare Company), A White Haunting (MAP Theatre), and Wonder Boy (The 5th Avenue Theatre). When not on stage, he can be found looking for a new coffee shop in which to memorize lines or furiously edit his next poetry collection. (@jellicletrash)

Bill Bates (he/him) (Flender)

This is Bill’s first time on the Annex stage. Previous roles include Avenue Q (Trekkie), The Bodacious Barbarian Babes vs. The Indigo Empress (The Bro-barian), and The Rocky Horror Show (Brad). A jack of all trades (or undiagnosed ADHD), Bill is also a puppeteer, burlesque performer, professional wrestler, hairstylist, father, and husband. Austin 3:16.

Nathan Cardenas (he/him) (Zachary)

Nathan is a local artist who has participated in shows with eSe Teatro and Queen City Theatre, studied theatre at Eastern Washington University, is newer to the community of Seattle, and is excited to be participating with Annex for the first time.

Lara Hossalla (she/her) (Tamara)

This is Lara’s Seattle theatre and Annex debut! Big thanks, always, to her family and friends for the best support a person could ask for, especially her partner Ben, her Facebook Wife B, and all the Dr. Hossallas out there.

Erin Kelly Brown (she/her) (Marvin/Assistant Stage Manager)

Erin is trying her *hand* at puppeteering for the first time for GUNKED! She’s super excited to bring Marvin to life, work with this incredible cast and crew, perform on the Annex stage again, and show her age with the use of an oxford comma. Erin was ecstatic to apply her science background to writing a crazy-hard trivia question for the show that any child savant could answer. Ask her about her cats! But only if you have time to see pictures.

Tootsie Spangles (Director)

Tootsie Spangles is a queer clown about town, sketch comedian, director, and an actor who approaches Chekhov and erotic fanfic performance art with equal aplomb. As an emcee, Tootsie has hosted events and story slams for MoPOP, The Moth, She is Fierce, The Pink Door, P(ART)Y, and numerous variety shows and burlesque spectaculars. She is 1⁄2 of the comedy duo The Salty Licks and one of “America’s probably only stoner bear entertainers: The Bearenstoned Bears!” Tootsie serves as the artistic director for The Libertinis, and as an associate producer for The Stay Up Late Show and for Shakespeare in the Park(ing Lot) with Flossy Beatrice Entertainment. Her latest projects include an intergenerational queer comedy/variety show and community event called The Fruit Salad Show. Get fruity at and Dig Deeper at

Marcus Gorman (Playwright & Producer)

Marcus Gorman is a Seattle-based neurodivergent writer and performer. His original plays include DEERS, Natural, Peggy: The Plumber Who Saved the Galaxy, How to Leave,and Space Race 5000. He has worked on devised plays with interarts gang The Libertinis (Gone Wild!, Atomic Falls USA, The Fantastic Misadventures of Twisty Shakes) and physical theatre troupe DangerSwitch! (Mad Scientist Cabaret, Big Bad). His one-acts have been produced in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Ashland, and Pittsburgh. He currently programs for the Seattle International Film Festival, projects at the Grand Illusion Cinema, and is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

Jo Jo Stiletto (Playwright & Producer)

Jessica Obrist, also known as Jo Jo Stiletto, is a playwright, producer, performer, historian, and cakestagram artist. Her co-productions at Theatre Off Jackson include The Burl-X-Files: The Truth is Down There, The Westminster Daddy Show, and Aunt Franzea’s Party Box. She has also been a popular fandom-con collaborator, with Guardians of the Sexy in partnership with Emerald City Comic Con and Bechdel Test Burlesque in partnership with GeekGirlCon. Special shout-out to the IBEW Local 46. And Sparky, you’re a prime dip.

Carine Boekee (Stage Manager)

While Carine sold out to Big Tech many years ago and now wrangles country launches and 44 languages for a living, she remains a stage manager at heart. Mom to the most excellent kid to ever don a dragosaur head. Travel is her passion. And cheese.

Joris Hutchison (Assistant Stage Manager)

Joris is a junior at Lincoln High School, where he takes both theatre and theatre tech classes. This is his first show at Annex. Outside of school, he kind of just hangs out and is generally cool. He’s also a geography nerd.

Jessica Aceti (Production & Sound Design)

Jess Aceti is also the proprietor of Sandwich Cat, known for their flagship product, Cap-Sac – The Fannypack Hat. She makes games, plays accordion, and is cooking through every country in the world.

Kathryn Nil (Sound Design & Engineer)

Described by a co-worker as “work mom.” She subsequently died and was reborn as “Mother,” not to be confused with mommy. She’s been in a couple videos, including when she was rejected on “The Button,” but she’s not bitter about it. All the girls grabbed matcha lattes and skipped into the sunset. Sorry, what was the question? Oh! Kathryn worked as an Audio Engineer on the Vegas Strip, Annex Theatre, Seattle Shakes/Book-it and did sound design all over the place including Annex for years under the guise of her dead twin brother, R.I.P. She also sells fancy internet hard drives for money and won’t shut up about them, professionally. Back that NAS up.

Lady Drew Blood (Costume Design)

Lady Drew Blood (also known by her government name, Britta) has been performing in some aspect for nearly her entire life. Notable roles include a childhood family holiday waitress named Wylene, a unicycle-riding clown in middle school, dance team high kicker in high school, eight-year Roller Derby ass-kicker, and Burlesque performer since 2005! Now she is excited to add Costume Designer for GUNKED! to the roster, and her mother is delighted to see her Fashion Design degree finally be put to good use. Drew’s favorite game show as a kid was Finder’s Keepers, which she watched as it aired. Yep, that’s right, folks! She was a pre-teen during the big kids game show peak! What a time to be alive!!

Angelo Domitri (Lighting Design)

Angelo Domitri has been designing lights around Seattle for the last decade and is very excited to GET GUNKED. Past designs have been featured at: Cafe Nordo, Theatre Off Jackson with Noveltease, 18th & Union with MAP Theatre, and Seattle Public Theatre for Titanish and A Very Die Hard Christmas.

Stacey Bush (Fight Choreography)

Stacey Bush (she/her) has performed and created violence around town for a while now. Personal highlights include: Monstrous Regiment (Latitude Theatre), She Devil of the China Seas (Pork Filled Productions), My Dear Miss Chancellor (Annex Theatre), Ibsen in Chicago (Seattle Repertory Theatre), She Kills Monsters (Theater Schmeater), and the first Whedonesque Burlesque (produced by Jo Jo Stiletto). She is the Managing Director of Performers’ Forge, a local performance company focusing on the exhibition and education of theatrical interpretations of historical and modern violence. Stacey is thrilled to be involved in this glorious production working with the amazing cast and crew.

Flossy Beatrice (Dance Choreography)

With a foundation in clown, musical theatre, and ballet/tap/jazz, Flossy’s love for musicality and storytelling often collides with swing dance and music’s rich history and vibrancy. She is dedicated to increasing accessibility to dance for folks of all abilities and financial situations and is passionate about removing gender scripts from swing dancing. As a producer, Flossy Beatrice Entertainment produces theatrical productions based on physical storytelling staged in all kinds of places and spaces. Most recently, FBE produced a sold-out run of Shakespeare in the Park(ing Lot).

Rachel Jackson (Puppet Artist – Marvin)

Rachel Jackson (she/her) of Vox Fabuli is a Seattle-based puppeteer, vocalist, and writer. The mind behind the hit puppet musical MANOS – The Hands of Felt, her work has been called “mad and masterful” by The Seattle Times. Rachel has been puppeteering on stages both local and international since 2008. You can follow her creations José and The Hawk and Creepy Doll, plus other adventures, via her YouTube channel:

Ashley Holberg (Puppet Artist – Shadow Puppets)

Ashley (12) has been in multiple shows and is excited to participate in GUNKED! This is their first time working with shadow puppets in a big production. They are excited for people to see the art they have made. When they grow up, they want to be in Broadway productions and movies all around the world.

Babe of Belltown (Mascot Costume Artist)

My Friends call me B.O.B. Tackie a.k.a. Babe Of Belltown, a poor person’s Bob Mackie. I make things, all sorts of things: Costumes, Props, Sets, Posters, Star Wars Dioramas, T-Shirts, Produce Shows, Fun, and more. I pride myself on creating something Fabulous outta nothing for very little cash. I’m also known as a Thrifty lil Ho! Here I go name-dropping some peeps and shows I’ve had the pleasure of working with or making something for: Pastor Kaleb, Pastor Kaleb’s Easter Service, Bing Wheeler, Big Wheel Bingo, Miss Moist Towelette, Richard Rugburn, Match Game Belltown & Match Game Re-bar (producer), DJ Lu Ying & Shameless, Neil Of Steele & The Kheft, Scott Shoemaker & Freddy Molitch, War On Christmas, Probed, and Ms. Pak Man (props and tees) Ade, Leenie, Gams Galore, Caitlyn Of The North, In The Drink @ Triple Door (producer), Millionaires Club Thrift Store Fashion Show (co-producer), EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!, Dead Icons @ Lava Lounge (producer), Make Shift Thrift, B.O.B. Tackie Tees, B.O.B. Tackie Designs, and B.O.B. Tackie Boutique (owner)… Have I sold myself enough?

Caitlin Finn Daoust Huertas (Marketing Design)

Caitlin Huertas is an Art Director and previous proprietor of Outer Space Seattle. She loves pickles and can be found tapdancing in West Seattle or leading Girl Scouts on hikes.

Mary Holste (Marketing Design)

Mary Holste is a free-range graphic designer who loves a good adventure, especially if it includes coffee.