The Half Brothers Brand Old-Time Variety Show

Songs by The Half Brothers
Additional text by Keri Healey
Directed by Scotto Moore

Fri-Sat at 11pm, Aug 9-30
$10 general / $5 student
PWYC Industry Night: Monday, Aug 19 at 8pm

Neo-bluegrass trio The Half Brothers (Rick Miller, John Ackermann, and David Nixon) step through the black-and-white TV screen into an era of lively music and helpful cooking hints, when corporate sponsorship promised shiny perfection. Troy Mink takes over the kitchen as Grandma Half, while Tim Moore lends his mellifluous baritone to friendly announcements of Half Brothers Brand products that could help you more than you know — or want. Guitar, mandolin, banjo, and golden three-part harmonies help the medicine go down. Drink up. It’s good for you. The television says so.

“The Half Brothers have written clever songs and the accompanying comedy bits written by Keri Healey are equally sharp and sassy. The performances are top notch with Tim Moore as the smooth talking announcer (and, mean harmonica player) and Troy Mink doing his usual outstanding job as one of his patented flustered/exasperated Southern grannies….Even if you’re not a huge fan of bluegrass music, the funny charms of ‘The Half Brothers Brand Old-Time Variety Show’ and the expert performances by all involved, make for a highly recommended night of music and comedy. It’s one of those shows where you’ll find yourself clapping along to the tunes, with a big, dumb grin on your face because you’re having a helluva good time.” — Seattle Gay Scene

“Sharp, mournful, Chaplin-esque comedy…” — The Stranger

Press photos

Rick Miller, John Ackermann, and David Nixon The Half Brothers
Tim Moore Tommy
Troy Mink Grandma Half

Songwriters The Half Brothers
Additional Text Keri Healey
Director Scotto Moore
Stage Manager Alex Wren
Production Manager Catherine Blake Smith
Light Designer Carolina Johnson
Prop Designer Robin Macartney
Costume Designer Samantha Armitage
Scenic Painter Susannah Anderson

Not Pants

curated by Bret Fetzer and Troy Mink
Nov 7-20, 2009 | Fri-Sat 11pm

Come hear stories of sexual misadventure, accidental arson, bad dates, sheep-tossing (which is not a euphemism), scars gained, condoms lost, unfortunately named drinks, and much, much more. NOT PANTS is a compendium of true tales from the lips of great local performers, including David Schmader, Jennifer Jasper, José Amador, Emmett Montgomery, Keira McDonald, Gillian Jorgensen, Michele Colyn, and many many more! Curated by Bret Fetzer and Troy Mink.

Due to a potential intellectual property dispute, Annex Theatre has canceled its impending production of Hot Pants, a fusion of storytelling and game show. But rather than let all the juicy stories we’d been promised go to waste, we’ve invited all the performers to take the Annex stage and reveal the comic, preposterous, and sometimes embarrassing true things that have happened to them.

If you want to learn more, go to:

And as an added bonus, Not Pants will still feature the HOT PANTS DANCERS!
Choreography by Jen Moon and Meg Tully.

Not Pants graphic by Ryan Schmidt.

Evenings with Carlotta

created and performed by Troy Mink | directed by K. Brian Neel
Apr 30 – May 21, 2009 | Fri-Sat at 11 pm
Industry Night: May 17 at 8pm | No Show May 7
$10 gen | $5 stu

Troy Mink in Evenings with Carlotta

Welcome to a very ‘spayshul’ evening with Carlotta Sue Philpott. What makes this night any more special than any other night? Is it the Vienna Sausages & Rice Crispie Treats? No, Carlotta always has those on hand… Carlotta’s good natured smile or slight gleam of mischievousness? No, Carlotta’s always had her rascally un-P.C. ways. Carlotta staying up ‘extry’ late? No… she’s been stayin’ up past dark-thirty for YEARS! What makes this evening so special is that YOU have decided to come visit… & Carlotta LOVES havin’ company & a good story to tell. So why don’t you come on over, wipe yer feet off on the door mat, plop down your BE-hind on your fancy theater seat & let Carlotta take good care of you for an evening? Plenty of laughs (& maybe even a tear) plus a hearty heapin’ helpin’ of hospitality await you when you spend “Evenings with Carlotta.”


“Southern fried genius. Mink is a true local treasure.”
-The Stranger

“Phenomenally talented… anarchic, dangerous, and fun.”
-Seattle Weekly