The Ozone Room

December 17th and 18th, 7:30 PM
Suggested donation of $5.00 at the door; installation/performance is approx. 20 minutes and will repeat

Allan Packer’s mixed media installation blends film, music, sculpture, modern dance, painting, theatre…

Artists and art lovers, scientists, metaphysical questioners, science fiction and fantasy aficionados, those who appreciate the experimental side of the arts, and people just looking for something out of the ordinary on a December evening will be engaged and fascinated by The Ozone Room, an unusual, large-scale, multi-media art installation, December 17th and 18th, 7:30 PM, at Seattle’s Annex Theatre.

The Ozone Room brings together – for the first time – the two halves of Seattle-based artist Allan Packer‘s multi-year conceptual quest, blending painting and sculpture, movement, lighting and sound, science, technology and film.

Fantasy and time travel, science and mathematics, nature and the environment, the survival of life in seemingly impossible situations – the installation speaks on multiple levels. Viewer perceptions of time, space and perspective blur as film becomes painting becomes real time action. Suggested donation of $5.00 at the door; installation/performance is approx. 20 minutes and will repeat.

About the Artist, Allan Packer:
Canadian-born, Seattle-based Allan Packer is a sculptor working in a variety of media. Studies, projects and research have taken him from the high arctic to the American southwest, from his native Windsor, Ontario to Paris and New York. After 14 years in New York, Packer moved to the West Coast, settling in Seattle, where he has gained recognition for his wry, politically-charged, cast plastic sculptures. These large sculptures and installations have received awards including two major Canada Council grants, Artist Trust Fellowship and GAP grants, and a 4Culture Project Grant. In Seattle, Allan is represented at Davidson Galleries.

History of The Ozone Room:
The Ozone Room began, for artist Allan Packer, in the ozone-laced atmosphere of a former cold storage facility in Tieton, Washington. While there for an event, Packer noticed a portal in one of the walls….

In 2005, Packer completed Corvus Corax. Dramatic color and lighting effects illuminated a collection of ice-like objects, with an igloo as the central point. The actions of dancers, uniquely lit, implied new questions – of time and space, of other life in the universe, of human survival in impossibly harsh conditions. It was all set against a brilliantly crafted dark and starry arctic night sky.

Following Corvus Corax, the artist expanded his conceptual exploration, crafting in brass the next phase of his vision – his large dodecahedron, the Time Machine. Allan and filmmaker Nuno Cera then collaborated on a Time Machine film. Filmed on Washington’s windswept coast and in a lush nearby rainforest, the short film is rich with imagery and evocatively scored by Seattle-based composer Michael Shuler.

The Ozone Room brings Allan Packer’s conceptual process to its culmination, presenting the sculpture and film of the Time Machine with the Corvus Corax installation. Experiencing the combined halves of Allan’s vision will create a surreal experience for the visitor. Within the theatre, the Time Machine film will be screened. Then, reality will seem to distort as the film becomes three-dimensional objects, and the igloo installation begins, bringing us fully into real time. Theatre, music, paintings, sculpture, film, dance…and science – The Ozone Room is a unique, large-scale art event.