The Thrilling Adventures of the Famous Lewis & Clark!

Written by Nick Poling and Alex DeRoest
Directed by Collin Schreiber
Fri-Sat at 11 pm, Feb 4-Feb 24
$10 gen / $5 TPS/senior/student
PWYC Industry Night: Monday, Feb 13
What do Fu Manchu, Zorro, and the Barbary Pirates have to do with charting the Louisiana Purchase?

Find out in The Thrilling Adventures of the Famous Lewis & Clark! – a smart mouthed, fast paced, omnisciently narrated, fight-a-minute treatment of the great Northwest expedition.

Annex Theatre is bringing this crazy cacophony of blatant historical inaccuracy to its late night stage. Intrepid explorers Lewis and Clark battle not only our preconceptions, and each other, but also Spanish Conquistadores, Chinese super villains, Ninjas, Mormons, and a Dragon.

Along the way they acquire guide Sacajawea, who is surprisingly telepathic and not surprisingly gifted at poker and smarter than both explorers combined.

The Thrilling Adventures of the Famous Lewis & Clark! is written by Nick Poling and Alex DeRoest, who were inspired by early 1930’s movie serials like Zorro and Flash Gordon and adventure movies like Indiana Jones and The Adventures of Robin Hood. Rather than acts, the play is divided into three episodes, each bringing a fresh round of disaster, adventure and resolution, with all three safely contained within one evening’s entertainment.

Poling and DeRoest previously self-produced Lewis & Clark in Everett in 2011. The production thrived on positive word of mouth and played to enthusiastic houses and a sold out closing night. Annex Theatre is excited to bring this show to Seattle, feeling that its high energy and zany sensibility will be a perfect fit for a late night audience.

Lewis & Clark is directed by Collin Schreiber and features fight choreography by John W. Lynch. Schreiber is young director and college friend of Poling and DeRoest, who brings to the project a veteran’s knowledge of the material and a newcomer’s enthusiasm for the craft. Lynch has been a member of the Society of American Fight Directors for well over a decade. He’s done fight choreography for Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society, Renton Civic Theater, Driftwood Players, Annex and many more.

Joe Heil Clark
Micheal LaDell Harris Lewis
Lily Cohen Sacajawea
Geoffry Kuth Fu Man Chu
Chris Maxfield Quintero
Brenan Grant Diego/Zorro
Stephen Scheide Seattle, Ensemble
John W. Lynch Captain Skullbeard, Ensemble
Grace Xie Yu, Ensemble
Jon-Erik Hegstad Basil Rathbone, Ensemble
Zachary Simonson Chief Sealth, Ensemble
Writers Nick Poling and Alex DeRoest
Director Collin Schreiber
Stage Manager Catherine Smith
Properties Master Nathaniel Porter
Costume Design Bethany Hightower
Fight Choreographer John W. Lynch
Lighting Design Tess Malone