A Savage Romp Through The Animal Kingdom
Written & Created by The Libertinis
In Collaboration with Max Kirchner

April 25-May 10 | Fri-Sat at 11PM
May 5 industry night | Mon at 8pm
$10 gen | $5 stu
Run time: 90 minutes

GONE WILD! is a burlesque nature mockumentary play that follows Quincy Von Poodle, a zoologist named Randall, and an evil tap-dancing dolphin around the world. Together, they travel through jungles, grasslands, and regional airports as they seek to capture a new species of shape-shifting creatures. Meanwhile, an insurgent butterfly is preparing for a revolution that may change the world… or at least Rollingsford, New Hampshire. If David Attenborough, Bettie Page, and The Muppets all mated and spawned a production it would look a lot like GONE WILD!

GONE WILD! was originally created and conceived by Seattle’s sexiest interdisciplinary arts ensemble, The Libertinis (Hattie Hellkat, Tootsie Spangles, Miz Melancholy, Woody Shticks) and written in collaboration with Max Kirchner. The show also features Dayo Anderson, Natalie Copeland, Marcus Gorman, Jacquelyn Miedema, Maxie Milieu, Dingy Nevaquit, and Sailor St Claire.

Buckle up and get wild with The Libertinis and friends!

Cocktails at the Centre of the Earth

Written & directed by Simon Astor
Music direction by Meg van Huygen

Thu-Sat at 8 pm, Jan 26-Feb 25 (Thu PWYC)
$15 general / $10 TPS, senior, military / $5 student
PWYC Industry Night: Monday, Feb 6

In a world run on refined, harvested mummies, where blimps are accessed via pneumatic tube, surgically enhanced foxes lecture on inter-species marriage, and self-winding is the latest advancement in mechanical men, there lived a great many people, who desired a great many things.

Set among the steamcabs and airships of this alternate world is a comedy of manners, in which street urchins try to land rich lovers, bandaged terrorists attempt to overthrow the government, and socialites train seahorses to bring them martinis.

Join an unlikely group of drinking buddies as they share secrets, sonnets, and sloe gin, in watering holes that range from the sea to the sky to the center of the earth.

With musical numbers, arch dialogue, and a dash of anarchy, Cocktails at the Centre of the Earth is a steampunk extravaganza of words, wit and wonder!

Asa Bass Conrad
Carter Lee Churchfield Reynard Diggswell
Trevor Cushman Lansing
Kai Curtis Servant
Monica Finney Helena
Josh Hartvigson Rakehell
Todd Hull Daniel Engine
Katherine Karaus Patricia
Andrea Lauritsen Flame Girl #1
Jonah Martin Baxter / Maxwell / Dexter / Wuxtry / Windsor
John McKenna Col. Moutarde
Jen Nelson Gloriana/Constellation Girl
Erin O’Malley Paravion
Jennifer Pratt Gepetta Odenkirk
Laurel Ryan Roulette
Sailor St. Claire Burlesque/Flame Girl #2
James Weidman Bunny
Monica Wulzen Dovecote
Writer/Director Simon Astor
Musical Director Meg van Huygen
Bassoon Jono Green
Guitar Tyson Lynn
Costume Design Heather Bernadette
Set Design Todd Van Der Ark
Lighting Design Tess Malone
Stage Manager Murphy Stevens
Production Manager Grant Knutson

Press Photos are available here