The Great Puppet Happiness Machine

Presented by Puppet This

May 3rd-18th, 2011 | Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8PM
$10 gen / $5 TPS/senior/student

For puppets, being ecstatically happy is the status quo, so what will a group of puppets do when they discover that one of their own is suddenly and shockingly sad? Therapy? Philosophy? Songs about kittens?

Luckily for them, a mad scientist, Professor Humbart Mysterio, has created a machine that will keep everyone happy for the rest of time… or else.

In this improvised show, the t wisted minds behind popular Spin the Bottle act Puppet TV will ask you for your fears, bad days and tragedies and transform them into happiness any way they can – even if that means singing about kittens.

Creators: Rachel Jackson, Elizabeth Westermann and David Wahl

Director: David Wahl

Marc Carvajal
Rachel Jackson
Ryan Miller
Michael Robles
Jenny Schmidt
Elizabeth Westermann

Improvised music by Brad Kevelin