Monolodge 6

presented by Annex Theatre & Unicycle Theatre Collective
Apr. 24 – May 9, 2009 | Fri-Sat 11pm

A collection of 8 brand-new works, inspired by Annex’s latest mainstage production, “Love’s Tangled Web.”

MonoLodge, created by the Unicycle Collective (Seattle’s first and only theatre company dedicated to solo performance), is a live anthology, the theatrical equivalent of a short-story collection: Brief but chewy theatrical concepts stripped to the bare essentials of a performer and an audience.


Keith Hitchcock – A series of short videos, collectively entitled “The Smell of Muffin Face”

Kelleen Blanchard – “Riding the Bull” is a short play about love and hamsters

Chris Bell – “Ode to an Overnight Custodian Residing in Rochester, MN” – A custodian finds love during a time when the rest of the town sleeps and in the loneliest of places.  Caution: Wet Floor!

Marissa Rae Niederhauser – “Suppress” is a dance about love being wielded as a threat instead of offered as a gift.

Mary Purdy – “BRANCHING OUT” is a rapturous tale about a date with an unexpected party that leaves this woman breathless and curious about moss.

Kate Smith – “Funeral Sad” – Sad is only trying to make the funeral right but things go topsy-turvy when something unexpected ends up in the urn.

Seth Rosenbloom – “Flirt On” reveals how we’re wired for desire.

Christa Bell (certain performances)

Mark Siano (certain performances) – “The Count” is the story of a young man from Milan, who loved too many women far too much.


Amy, Art Zone, Jessica, Nacy Guppy, Paul Levy, Ruby, Sheila Mullen, Sudio Current, Theo, Vanessa DeWolf, Vic, Violet


Unicycle Theater Collective is Seattle’s first and only theater company dedicated exclusively to solo performance. Founded in 2006, Unicycle is an ensemble of solo theater artists committed to the development and presentation of original work that challenges forms, fosters the growth of its members, and ignites audiences. Unicycle provides support for and fosters community among Northwest solo performing artists through workshops, their monthly “Solo Lab” and their recurring showcase of theatrical solos, “MonoLodge.”