Comte’s 2nd Annual 49th Birthday Bash!


Sunday, Nov 14, 2010 – 5pm
$12 advance/$15 at the door

Annex Theatre Facilities Coordinator and 22 year company member Chris Comte is dragging himself kicking and screaming into his 50’s. And what better way to celebrate the reluctant leaving behind of youth, the imminent transition into middle-age, and inevitable slide into geriatric decline than by throwing THE BIGGEST PART OF THE YEAR – and you’re invited!

And the best part is that 100% of the proceeds will benefit Seattle’s oldest continuously producing fringe theatre company!

There’ll be food! There’ll be drink! There’ll be entertainment:

* Music by “Awesome” and Jose Bold!
* Seductive Tribal Dance by Hands Of Kali!
* Something from Annex’s Spin The Bottle regulars Gude-Laurance (probably involving candy)!
* Puppet This!
* Plus a bevy of surprise Special Guests


Annex Theatre is a democratic collective of theatre artists dedicated to creating bold new work in an environment of improbability, resourcefulness and risk.

Having earned the distinction of being the longest continuously operating fringe theater in Seattle, Annex Theatre produces twelve productions a year along with frequent co-productions and curated rental productions. In addition to new plays, Annex produces radical re- interpretations of classic scripts, geek-tastic sci-fi adventures, space-defying stunts, ensemble- generated performances and non-linear wild-ass spectacles. Also kicking off the first Friday of every month is our late-night variety show Spin the Bottle, curated by former Annex Artistic Director Bret Fetzer and currently celebrating its 12th year!

Now in its new Capitol Hill venue, Annex originally opened its doors in 1987 in a former dance studio on 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle. Since then the theater has produced hundreds of world and Northwest premieres, including new plays by Stranger Genius Award winners Chris Jeffries and Paul Mullin; dozens of local playwrights, including Jeff Resta, Kelleen Conway Blanchard, Keri Healey, Scot Augustson, John Kaufmann, Elizabeth Heffron, Heidi Heimarck, and Suzanne Maynard; and nationally recognized playwrights such as Erik Ehn, Naomi Iizuka, Glen Berger, Anne Washburn, Jeffrey Jones, and Nicky Silver.

Former Annex company members alumni can be found throughout the Seattle arts community including Seattle Children’s Theatre Teaching Artist and former Annex Artistic Director Gillian Jorgensen, former Artistic Director of the Empty Space Allison Narver, Executive Director of Town Hall Weir Harman, Development Director of ACT Josef Krebs and Education Director of Seattle Repertory Theatre Andrea Allen as well as in the local and national film industry such as directors SJ Chiro, Garrett Bennett, Mike Shapiro and actors Jillian Armenante and Paul Giamatti.