Improsia: elementary

Nov 1, 8, 15 | Tuesdays at 8pm
$10 gen, $5 stu

Improsia is a fresh pair of eyes.  Improsia sees from the back of your head.  Improsia lives your reflection, without filter, without judgement.  Improsia wants to know why you act the way you do.  After watching Improsia, you will wonder the same thing.

The gentlemen of Improsia want to know why people do what they do. In Improsia…elementary, their handler, Ms. Davenport, will guide the gentlemen through an examination of human behavior that culminates in an intricate, completely improvised story. Despite previous audience skepticism, these gentlemen really are operating without a script.  

Improsia is a local group, which has built a national reputation by both broadening the scope of Improv, and changing the attack. They have taken a step back from the games, slapstick and wild non sequiturs of most improvisation, focusing instead on the human relationships. A gamble, sure, but a successful one: People, it turns out, are pretty damn funny.

Improsia will make those who swear they hate improvisation eat their words while reaffirming the fervor of the Improv faithful. It’s fresh, quirky, delightfully weird and refreshingly accessible.

For three nights only, Improsia perfoms at Annex Theatre in a long form improvisation: Improsia…elementary. Using a few simple rules, the four members will build a story around a central theme or plot point, moving fluidly among different characters, but with a single goal: to fully engage the audiences heart, soul, and imagination.

Improsia was founded in 1998. Since its inception it has toured nationally, turned heads, opened minds, and evolved into its current four member/long form format. Its members are…well, lets just say that Mr. A, Mr. B, Mr. C, and Ms. Davenport will be happy to meet you.