Paper Houses

written & produced by Curtis Lee Fulton
directed by Jen Moon
March 28-31, 2012 | $20

Sheltered suburbanites lose their minds and investments in the live rock ‘n roll comedy, Paper Houses. Stanley Strange, a naive billboard operator, is under siege by an encroaching development. His sign blocks million dollar views and he’s about to be forced out. James Silver, a wealthy drunk, moves into the neighborhood to hide from his ex-wife and criminal charges involving a minor. Out of spite, James funds Stanley’s legal defense, befriends a teenage girl next door and hires his gardener to execute elaborate pranks. As the Real Estate market tanks, each side digs in, determined to win at any price.

Paper Houses is constructed with class resentment, the cult of victimization and the ruins of economic collapse, epoxied together with live performances by Seattle’s hottest garage duo, Pony Time.

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