Annex Theatre announces Pamala Mijatov as new Artistic Director

April 14, 2011 – Seattle. Pamala Mijatov was recently named Artistic Director of Annex Theatre Company, officially succeeding former Artistic Director Bret Fetzer on August 9, 2010*. Remarked Fetzer, “Pamala Mijatov has been a crucial member of the Annex Company for more than a decade, not only creating art but also working in the trenches: taking out the garbage, sewing costumes, and arguing about season selection. Her intelligence and creativity have already been shaping Annex’s future as an Artistic Associate; becoming Artistic Director is the natural next step for her and for Annex. I am delighted to be placing the theater in her capable hands and look forward to working with her on the upcoming shows I’m directing.” (Fetzer served two tenures as Annexʼs Artistic Director: 2001-2004 and 2007-2010. He will continue to create new work at Annex: directing the final episode of Penguins, Annexʼs long-running late-night serial, in August; overseeing the Fall 2011 ensemble-generated production c.1993; and curating Spin the Bottle, Annexʼs monthly late-night variety show.)

Pamala Mijatov, a 1999 graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, has been an Annex company and staff member since 2001. She made her Annex debut in Pearl, the final mainstage production at the companyʼs original 4th Avenue location. Other Annex acting credits include Stage Door, Hothouse 2001 & 2004, Passport, Keep the Light On, and The Moon Is A Dead World. During her first decade with the company, Mijatov has worked as an actor, director, designer, stage manager, and dialect coach on over 30 productions and special events, including world and Northwest premieres by local and nationally-recognized playwrights including Anne Washburn, Dan Dietz, Paul Mullin, Elizabeth Heffron, Mike Daisey, Rachel Atkins, Scotto Moore, Bret Fetzer, and Juliet Waller Pruzan. From mid-2008 until her August, 2010 appointment as Artistic Director, she served as an Artistic Associate, focusing on company cultivation, staff involvement, and artist advocacy.

Mijatov said, “Annex Theatre has been a vital part of Seattleʼs theater community for well over two decades, producing a staggering number of raw, daring, and audacious productions – the vast majority of which were world premieres. It is an amazing laboratory for new art and new artists, nurturing the careers of generations of new theatrical voices, including my own; I came to Annex as an actor and, like many in our company, have since enjoyed tremendous opportunities to work in almost every other aspect of play development and production alongside some of the most exciting artists in Seattle. Iʼm thrilled and proud to be a part of Annexʼs past, present, and future.” Mijatov intends to return to Annexʼs roots and offer greater support to developing playwrights and directors via progress showings, longer development timelines, and increased dramaturgical resources. “Now that Annex has settled into our new home and codified our rigorous production model, we can turn more of our energy back where it belongs: shepherding new works of art from initial conception through final production, and deepening our pool of talented collaborators.”

On behalf of Annex Theatreʼs Board of Directors, Board Member and Company Historian Ed Hawkins stated, “We were thrilled to unanimously endorse Pamalaʼs appointment to the Artistic Director position. She joined the Annex company when we were still downtown. She remained fiercely loyal to Annex during its challenging ʻdiasporaʼ years (2001-2007). And she played a significant role in securing, improving, and branding the always-bustling new space on Capitol Hill. Pamala not only understands our history, she has experienced much of it personally. That experience, coupled with her clear communication skills, level-headed ability to build consensus, and measured yet palpable artistic passion, makes her uniquely equipped to oversee Annexʼs continuing company-driven artistic evolution while remaining true to its roots as Seattleʼs home for ʻbig cheap theatreʼ and bold, new work.”


Annex Theatre is a democratic collective of theatre artists dedicated to creating bold new work in an environment of improbability, resourcefulness and risk.

In addition to new plays by living playwrights, Annex produces radical reinterpretations of classic scripts, ensemble-generated non-linear spectacles, and dynamic solo performances, as well as our monthly late-night variety show Spin the Bottle, now in its 14th year. All productions are chosen by the Annex company as a whole, through a process of proposals, interviews, readings, frenzied argument, and, ultimately, consensus. Annex Theatre now resides at the corner of 11th Ave and E Pike St. in the heart of Capitol Hill. After early stirrings on Bainbridge Island, Annex Theatre began its Seattle incarnation in 1988 at a former dance studio on 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle. Since then the theater has produced hundreds of world and Northwest premieres, including new plays by Stranger Genius Award winners Chris Jeffries and Paul Mullin; dozens of other local playwrights, including Elizabeth Heffron, Jeff Resta, Kelleen Conway Blanchard, Scotto Moore, Keri Healey, Scot Augustson, John Kaufmann, and Heidi Heimarck; and nationally recognized playwrights such as Erik Ehn, Naomi Iizuka, Glen Berger, Anne Washburn, Jeffrey M. Jones, and Nicky Silver.

Former Annex company members (aka “Annex alumni”) can be found throughout the Seattle arts community, including Allison Narver**, freelance director and former Artistic Director of the Empty Space; Weir Harman, Executive Director of Town Hall; Andrea Allen**, Education Director of Seattle Repertory Theatre; Ed Hawkins, Advertising Manager for Seattle Opera; Josef Krebs, Development Director for ACT Theatre; and Gillian Jorgensen**, Seattle Children’s Theatre Teaching Artist; as well as in the local and national film industry—such as directors SJ Chiro**, Garrett Bennett, and Mike Shapiro, and actors Jillian Armenante and Paul Giamatti. We believe that Annexʼs distinctive collective working model (which cultivates a combination of initiative, diligence, and the ability to play well with others) is responsible for this remarkable track record of producing leaders in the arts.

*Note: Mijatov was officially named Artistic Director at a special Annex company meeting on August 9, 2010. Please excuse our delay in drafting this press release and announcing the happy event. We were busy making art.
**indicates former Annex Theatre Artistic Director.

The Strange Misadventures of Patty, Pattyʼs Dad, Pattyʼs Friend Jen and a Bunch of Other People

Written By Allison Moore
Directed by Amy Poisson

Thu-Fri-Sat at 8 pm, July 29-Aug 27
$15 general / $10 TPS, senior, military / $5 student
PWYC Industry Night: Monday, August 8

The Strange Misadventures of Patty (trailer)

Happiness is precarious in Allison Mooreʼs The Strange Misadventures of Patty, Pattyʼs Dad, Pattyʼs Friend Jen and a Bunch of Other People: Patty, a rising young economist whose best friend Jen has superpowers, has a life full of promise and dance numbers—which is abruptly derailed by the arrival of her estranged, alcoholic father, whoʼs just had a stroke. The Strange Misadventures of Patty juggles delightful fantasy, social comedy, economic theory, and harsh reality with vivid language and wild physicality. Directed by Amy Poisson.

Marianna de Fazio Patty
Jon Lee Patty’s Dad
Kelsey Yuhara Patty’s friend Jen
Samantha Camp Rhonda
Jason Pead Clark
Audrey Takisaki Mrs. Downs
Alec Wilson Jack
Assistant Director Pamala Mijatov
Production Manager Meaghan Darling
Stage Manager Anna Gustafson
Scenic Design Jennifer Zeyl
Lighting Design Jessica Trundy
Costume Design Christine Meyers
Properties Design Samantha Armitage
Montana Tippett
Composer Devin Rice
Sound Design Rob Witmer
Assistant Sound Design Evan Mosher
Movement Consultant Juliet Waller Pruzan

Allison Moore
Allison Moore is a displaced Texan living in Minneapolis, where she is a Core Member of The Playwrights’ Center. Her plays include Hazard County, Eighteen, Urgent Fury, The Strange Misadventures of Patty, CowTown, and American Klepto. Her work has been developed or read at the O’Neill Playwrights Conference, Williamstown Theatre Festival, InterAct Theatre, and Manhattan Theatre Club; and produced at the Cherry Lane Alternative, Kitchen Dog Theatre, Actor’s Express, Actors Theatre of Louisville, and The Playwrights’ Center, among others. Ms. Moore has received two Jerome Fellowships, a McKnight Advancement Grant, and the Iowa Arts Fellowship. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, and received her MFA from the Iowa Playwrights Workshop.



July 29th through August 27th

Annex Theatre

1100 Pike Street East / 2nd Floor

The Performance Dates include:

July 29th, 30th

August 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th, 26th, 27th

*Please take note that we have added Thursday performances to our performance run and there is only one Monday night – Industry Night.

$15 General Admission: Advance / Door

$10 General Admission: Student/Senior/Military/TPS


If you are an editor or writer of any medium that would like to review this show, please contact our Marketing & Communications Director, Brian Peterson, at

You will receive two complimentary press tickets for opening night, a press packet and a link to our online press photo gallery – which includes all press photos taken, our video trailer for the show.

The Tale of Jemima Canard

Written by Brandon J. Simmons
Directed by Carys Kresny

Fri-Sat at 8 pm, April 22-May 21
$15 general / $10 TPS, senior, military / $5 student
PWYC Industry Night: Monday, May 9

There’s something odd about Kilkin Farm. The ducks parade about in skirts and bonnets and carry on forbidden love affairs with the hounds. Badgers and foxes negotiate their bloody deals behind the henhouse, bartering for flesh by day, and stealing it by night. And Miss Potter, the farm’s indomitable mistress, is driven nearly to madness.

Only Potter can unlock the mysteries of this world. As she examines the hidden corners of her own past, layers of passion and regret weave themselves into a tale that blurs the lines between love and violence, food and sex, and ultimately, the artist and the art she creates.

Love! Whimsy! Terror!

The underbelly of Beatrix Potter comes to life in The Tale of Jemima Canard. A young innocent, capricious but willful, falls under the romantic sway of a predatory cad—but the characters are not Edwardian ladies and gentlemen; they are ducks, hounds, badgers, and foxes. As the author is interrogated by one of her own characters, layers of love, envy, jealousy, and much worse become revealed as the play delves into the deceptively whimsical lives of Jemima, her hard-as-nails sister Rebecca, the rugged but earnest St. Hubert brothers, the degenerate Tommy Brock, Miss Potter herself, and the elegant and alarming Tawny Whiskered Gentleman. Seattle actor Brandon J. Simmons makes his playwriting debut with this anthropomorphic dream-play, using Potterʼs The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck as a springboard to explore the nature of fate and time, blurring the lines between animal/human, love/violence, food/sex, and the artist and the art she creates. Directed by Carys Kresny, who previously dug her directorial fingers into dark and roiling emotions in The Changeling and Penetralia at Annex.

Mary Murfin Bayley Potter
Truman Buffett TWG
Danielle Daggerty Rebecca
James James Leroy/Brock
Martyn G. Krouse Roland
Jillian Vashro Jemima
Production Director Meaghan Darling
Stage Manager Katie Driscoll
Set Design Emily Reitman
Light Design Tess Malone
Costume Design Hannah Schnabel
Mask Maker/Props Design Cole Hornaday
Sound Design Erin Paige
Fight Choreographer Ryan Spickard
Dialect Coach Pamala Mijatov
Dramaturg Bret Fetzer
Technical Director Ian Johnston

Duel Of The Linguist Mages

written & directed by Scotto Moore

Jan 21 – Feb 19, 2011
Friday and Saturday 8pm
$15 general / $10 TPS, senior, military / $5 student

PWYC Industry Night: Monday, Feb 7

DUEL OF THE LINGUIST MAGES is a dark new sci-fi comedy by Scotto Moore, about two researchers who learn to hack the very structure of language at a deeper level than ever before. Their discovery of “power morphemes” – tiny particles of meaning that mean much more than they should – turns out to be unexpectedly dangerous, and shockingly easy to weaponize. As the two researchers gain unprecedented linguistic power, they turn against each other in a struggle to control their new technology. A hapless computer programmer is unexpectedly caught in the crossfire – can he stop the spread of “power morphemes” before all of human civilization is brought to its knees? Who will survive the DUEL OF THE LINGUIST MAGES? Join us at Annex Theatre to find out!


Scotto Mooreʼs previous plays at Annex include the Gregory-Award-nominated When I Come to My Senses, Iʼm Alive!; interlace [falling star]; and Principia Discordia LIVE! (as well as having acted in such productions as The Front Page and Market Research Theatre). Mr. Moore is also the creator of the web series Cherub: The Vampire with Bunny Slippers and the forthcoming The Coffee Table, as well as a contributing writer to What the Funny (directed by Lynn Shelton, created by Wayne Rawley).

Reviews of ‘Duel Of The Linguist Mages’:

“Moore’s success here, as both writer and director, is finding the humor in confrontational moments… [It’s] good entertainment, filled with thought-provoking notions and moments of sincere laughter.” – Seattle Weekly

“Moore’s writing is high-caliber, his dialogue and plot devices are smart, his concepts are clearly inventive. He’s one to watch, so this is recommended.” – Seattle Gay News

Duel of the Linguist Mages is a nicely crafted PLAY with a clever theatrical format, witty dialogue, a topical premise and it’s smartly directed, designed and acted… the entire premise of the piece is original and highly charming and smart.” – Seattle Gay Scene

Reviews of ‘When I Come to My Senses, Iʼm Alive!’:

“One wants to see more plays like this in Seattle—smart science fiction about the amazing world we have found ourselves heading toward.” —The Stranger

“Fun, fascinating, thoughtful and delightful” — Seattle Gay News

More about ‘When I Come to My Senses, Iʼm Alive!’:

Scotto Moore on Putting Sci-Fi on the Stage (The Sunbreak)

Digital Emotions? Seattle Play foresees possible future of tech (Techflash)

Reviews of ‘interlace [falling star]’:

“[Writer/director] Moore conjures a fairly logical extension of our wired world with geeky authority and comic flair.” —Seattle Times

“Just go see it and enjoy yourself.” —Seattlest

“The pleasures of ‘interlace [falling star]’ are more than plenty.” —The Stranger

Sara Mountjoy-Pepka & James Weidman

James Weidman Nate Wells
Jen Moon Olivia Regan
Sara Mountjoy-Pepka Maddy
Curtis Eastwood Bradford Jenning
Beth Peterson Governor
Raymond Williams Bain / Candidate
Director Scotto Moore
Assistant Director Pamala Mijatov
Dramaturg Lesley Carmichael Ph.D.
Production Manager Noelle Wilcox
Stage Manager Heather Bernadette
Set Design Maridee Slater
Light Design Tess Malone
Costume Design Afton Pilkington
Prop Master Heather Wright
Music Kevin Nortness
Sound Design Christopher Overstreet
Choreographer Allegra Searle-LeBel
Fight Choreographer Don MacEllis
Assistant Set Designer Suzi Tucker
Poster Design Ryan Schmidt
Press Photos Press Photo #1 – Jen Moon, James Weidman, Curtis Eastwood (photo by Ian Johnston)
Press Photo #2 – Sara Mountjoy-Pepka, James Weidman (photo by Ian Johnston)
Press Photo #3 – Raymond Williams, James Weidman, Jen Moon (top row), Sara Mountjoy-Pepka, Beth Peterson, Curtis Eastwood (bottom row) (photo by Ian Johnston)


August 10-25, 2010 | Tue-Wed at 8 pm
$10 gen

Clubfoot is the harrowing, surreal and wildly funny experiences of an Emergency Medical Technician. Jump in the ambulance and be transported into a tripwire world of manic teenage wrestling in the middle of I-5, stroked out delusionals, cutters, car crash victims, flesh-eating bacteria and more! It’s an outrageously skewed view of humanity at its worst and at its best: fragile, resilient and accident-prone!

Written by Stephen McCandless and Bret Fetzer and directed by Bret Fetzer.

Featuring Chris Dietz, Pamala Mijatov, and Ray Tagavilla.

“An incisive view into the surreal world of first-responders…You should consider this required viewing.” – Seattle Times

Don’t miss this adrenalin-soaked night of theater!